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Getting Curves with Mitsi

November 8, 2019

“When you feel strong, you stand strong. Curves works to set the stage for a more active future by strengthening your stability and reducing your risk of falling.” This is taken from a poster hanging on a wall of the Crete Curves, located at 1395 Main St., Suite 1 NW, Crete, IL (708-672-3700).

“Swish”! This is one of the sounds you may hear upon walking in the door when workouts are in full effect. Pam Schilling, the owner, encourages exercisers to work the machines to their fullest to achieve the “swish” sound. Some machines are easier to work than others, specifically the ones that work the legs. The arm focused machines are more difficult, depending upon one’s upper body strength.

“Swish” is the sound made when something moves with a hissing or rushing sound. It is used a lot in basketball when a player sinks a shot without the ball touching the backboard or rim.

Curves was specifically designed for and focused on women, because the machines were constructed to produce long, lean muscles, not the bulk that men opt for. There are 11 workout machines plus the stepper on the Curves circuit . The one featured in this article is the Bicep/Tricep. The machine looks like a backless, long, narrow stool with wrist pads (rollers) perched on the front.

A bicep is any of several muscles having two points of attachment at one end. It is the large muscle in the upper arm that turns the hand to face palm uppermost and flexes the arm and forearm.

A tricep is any of several muscles having three points of attachment at one end. It is the large muscle at the back of the upper arm primarily responsible for straightening the arm.

The correct workout posture for the Bicep/Tricep machine is to: 1) Sit in the machine with feet flat on the floor. 2) Place wrists between wrist pads. 3) Make a fist with thumbs on top and palms facing each other. 4) Keep spine aligned. 5) Alternate arms; pull up with one arm and push down with the other. 6) Move rapidly in both directions. (Avoid hitting stops at the bottom).

I am unable to make the “swish” sound while on the Bicep/Tricep machine, as my biceps/triceps are not that strong. For those in the Crete, IL area, I challenge you to make a valid attempt.

See you on the circuit!

(Reprinted with permission-with a few edits-from the “Getting Curves with Mitsi” monthly article, Southland Voice, July 4, 2018, Volume 10 Number 13, Page 7).